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Role is a set of behaviors which user can be allowed to do in the system (switch) Admin can configure it through assign permission for each module, Admin can assign which person can manage the switch with how much access,

We will see that how to assign a role to a user with how much access,

Roles List

This section allows admin to manage all Roles in the system such as Creating a New Role, Modify & Delete,

You can go on this option by clicking on Configuration → Roles

Below displayed window will appear.

Screenshot: Roles

Column Name



The name of the Roles

Usage Count

Total user who are using this Roles


The action performed on the Roles

We will see buttons used on the window with description



This button is used to edit the Role

This button is used to delete the Role

This button is used to create a new Role

This button is used to select the name of Role to query Click on the arrow, the list of all available Role will be displayed

This button is used to query data Clicking on this button, the result will be displayed

This button is used to set the total number of records per page

This button is used to select the column which will be shown/hidden

This button is used to go to next, previous page It is also used to go to the specific page by clicking on the number of page

Adding a New Role

To add new Role, click on the Create New button Below mentioned window will open,

Screenshot: Adding a new role

Firstly you have to enter the Role Name in the Basic Column option,

Below you can find the different permissions to assign to the role.

You can assign permission to a user of each function of Configuration, Finance, Log, Management, Monitoring, Origination, SMS,

Routing, Statistics, Switch, Templates, Agents, and Tools.

Screenshot: Role Permissions

You get the flexibility of choosing the what kind of permission you want to offer him in terms of Read Only where the user can view only

for that you can check on the read checkbox, and for Write, the user is allowed to view and modify data on the pages for that you have

to check on the Write checkbox, and ALL READ & ALL WRITE permission where the user is allowed to read and write all the sections of the switch.

By inputting Role Name, Select Permission on each module and clicking Submit button to save If not click on Reset button to reset all

fields and click on Back button to go back to Roles List page.

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