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What is DeNovoLab Class 4 Switch?

The DeNovoSwitching Platform composes of intelligent call routingbillingreal-time monitoringreporting, and customer management. It is a high performance and extremely scalable Class 4 Soft Switch that suitable for both retail and dialer traffic. The DeNovo Switching Platform is designed to be the single integrated system that a carrier needs to run a successful VoIP business.

The platform utilizes a fully-redundant design with live-call migration; it is capable of automatic failover, thus ensuring unparalleled reliability. Our multi-dimensional reporting capability provides you all the tools necessary for you to run your business most efficiently, such as traffic statistics report and real-time profitability analysis.

How to get started with DeNovoLab Class 4 Switch?

This Documentation Portal is designed to make you immediately productive with DeNovoLab Class 4 Switch and provides real-time access to all software documentation including how to work with application, common usage cases, step-by-step configuration instructions, etc. 

 The first step is to decide what kind of information you are looking for:

This section will provide you the general informations about DeNovoLab as well as the first steps touse the application such as login, logout and getting help. 

To have an overview of the platform key features and useful information regarding its usage. Please follow User Guide.

To view step-by-step guides 
describing integration
 with our features.It will help a lot in System Configuration.

Have questions about common usage cases, troubleshooting.
Visit the Knowledge Base guide.
To see what's new in the system. 
Please also check Release Notes before scheduling your upgrades.

Please select one of the guides on the left navigation bar to get started. It definitely helps you understand how all of the pieces fit together.

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