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This section is used to configure the content of the login page.

All settings in this page will be displayed on the Login Page when you go to the web portal,

You can go on this option by clicking on Configuration → Login Page Setting

Below displayed window will appear,

Screenshot: Login Page Content

Field Name


The Monitor Screen

It is used to display all the content which inputted in Login Page Content

Change Background Image

It Is used to change the Background image

Only jpeg image is allowed The image size should be less than 1 MB

Current Background Image

It is used to display the current Background image

Fit Image to the screen

Checked to display image fit to the screen If unchecked, the image will be displayed as original size

Use captcha

Checked to display the captcha on Login page

Login Page Content

It is used to input the Login Page content This text will be displayed on the Monitor and the Login Page Below displayed picture is the place where you can write content

After filling all the fields, click on the Submit button to finish, if you want to discard all the changes you can click on Reset button.

Login Page

After setting up the login page content, you can check the homepage to check the login screen Sample of Login page is displayed below,

Screenshot: Login Page

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