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It is the US LERG database The Telcordia LERG Routing Guide is a comprehensive data product produced monthly by the Telcordia Routing Administration (TRA) It is primarily used by telecommunications service providers operating within the North American Numbering Plan (NANP)

You can go on this option by clicking on Configuration → US Jurisdiction

Below displayed window will appear.

Screenshot: US Jurisdiction

Field Name



You can add the state here which will be US


The State in North American


The NPANXX in the US LERG database


OCN (Operating Company Number) is a 4 character ID for North American phone companies OCN numbers are assigned by NECA and used to identify companies in other telecommunications resources such as the LERG


LATA (local access and transport area) is a term in the US for a geographic area covered by one or more local telephone companies, which are legally referred to as local exchange carriers (LECs)


You will find a delete icon to delete the US Jurisdiction

Detailed explanation of the following buttons:-



This button is used to query by State Name Input the characters which stand for State Name into this textbox

This button is used to query by Prefix

After inputting data into the State textbox, click this button and the result will be displayed

This button is used to edit the US Jurisdiction

This button is used to delete the US Jurisdiction

This button is used to set the total of records per a page

This button is used to select the column which will be shown/hidden

This button is used to go to next, previous page It is also used to go to the specific page by clicking on the number of pages

How to add a New US Jurisdiction:-

To add new US Jurisdiction, click on Create New button, There will be a new line in the list as below:

Screenshot: Add New US Jurisdiction

For further information of each column, please refer to the above section.

Delete Selected

This option allows you delete some specific US Jurisdictions You can select the list of US Jurisdictions need to delete by checking on the checkbox Then click on Delete Selected button, all the selected US Jurisdictions will be deleted .

♦Delete All

Click on Delete All button to delete all US Jurisdictions in the system.

Delete function can be used to permanently remove US Jurisdiction from the system Please, use this feature with care – deleted US Jurisdiction can not be restored by any means.

Importing US Jurisdiction:-

Instead of creating manually, you can use import function by click on Import button The upload window will be appeared as below:

Screenshot: Import US Jurisdiction

Filed Name


Import File

Choose file to upload


Record Handling

The action performed on duplicate records:

♦ Delete: The duplicate record in the system will be deleted and replicated by the new one

♦ Ignore: The duplicate record in upload file will be ignored

Show Example

Click on Show Example text to download example file


After choosing file, you can select Upload option to upload the file

Exporting US Jurisdiction:-

If you want to export data, just click on export tab then the new tab will be displayed as below,

Screenshot: Export US Jurisdiction

Filed Name


Data Format

Choose format of exporting file: CSV or XLS

With headers row

Checking it, the exporting file will have header rows

Header Text

Input the header text for exporting file

Footer Text

Input the footer text for exporting file


Choose the list column for exporting file

Input all required fields, then click on Download button to export.

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