In this module we will see how to send Rates to the client from the switch,

Go to Routing → Rate Table

Below displayed window will appear.

Screenshot: Rate Table

On the Rate Table window, Click on Send Rate Icon. Send Rate window will appear.

Screenshot: Send Rate Form

Field Name


Rate Deck Format

Select the Rate Table File Format i.e. CSV & XLS, choose anyone.

Effective Date

The date from which the rates will get effected on the routes.

Rate Email Template

Select the Predefined Rate Email Template.

Download Method

Method for Downloading Rates through Email,

Send As Attachment

The Rates file will be sent as attachment in the Email.

Send as Link

The Rate file can be downloaded by clicking on the Link sent on the Email.

Enforce Download Deadline

The last date till the rates are valid for downloading. If Rates are not downloaded by the client, you can choose option if you want to Send the Reminder again and Disable the Trunk by checking on the box.


Choose whether the file will be Zipped or not.


Select components which will be displayed in the Rates File.

You can use the Arrow icon to select/deselect components for header.

Click on Sort, Top, Up, Down, Botton button to arrange location of components in header

From Email

Select the Senders Email from dropdown.


Enter the email on which you want to send Carbon Copy.


Enter the Subject of the Rate Email.


Enter the Content which you want to display in body of Rate Email.

Fill out all the Parameters and click on SUBMIT button to send the Email.

The Rates will be sent on the Email to the clients using the Rate Table.

You can track the status whether Rates are sent or not by going to Log → Rate Delivery Log

Screenshot: Rate Delivery Log

Here you can see whether the Rates are sent or got Failed. For more Info related, Please refer to Rate Delivery Log.