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In this module we will see how to Approve or Reject a Registration,

Go to Termination → Registration

Below displayed window will appear.

Screenshot: Registration

To Reject a Registration click on Reject Icon, the Registration request will get cancelled.

Now we will see Approval,

To Approve a Registration click on Approve Icon, a popup window will appear displayed below.

There are 2 options to Approve Registration,

  • Using Carrier Template
  • Using Agent

Using Carrier Template, check the Using Carrier Template checkbox, a new window will appear.

Select the Template, Agent & Permission then click on Approve to Approve the Registration Request.

The Approval of Registration will be completed.

Approving request using Agent, select the Agent from the dropdown.

Select the Agent and click on Approve button to Approve the Registration.

Client Edit window will appear.

Screenshot: Client Edit Window

Fill out all the criteria and click on SUBMIT button to save the Client Account.

The Approval of Registration will be completed.

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