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In this module we will see how to use Rate Generation,

Go to Tools → Rate Generation

Below displayed window will appear

Screenshot: Rate Generation

On the Rate Generation window Click on Create New Button, Below displayed window will appear.

Screenshot: New Rate Generation

Field Name


Rate Template NameName of Rate Generation.
Rate Table TypeSelect the Type of Rate Table like A-Z, US JD or US Non JD
Calculate rate based on LCRCalculate rate based on Least-cost routing.
Default rate if no egress is availableIf there is egress trunk, rate will based to rate for egress trunk. If there is no egress trunk, rate will be count based on default rate entered here.
Decimal PlacesThe position of a digit to the right of a decimal point in rate value.
Code DeckSelect the code deck which will be applied to Rate Table
VendorsSelect the vendor whom the Rates will get applied.
Include Blocked RouteCheck if you want to Include Blocked Route in Rate.
Include Local RateCheck if you want to Include Local Rate in Rate.
Rate Range - MinMinimum of rate can be re-generated.
Rate Range - MaxMaximum of rate re-generated.
Define Margin By

Select type to define that Margin.

Percentage: Based on the percentage of specific amount.

Fix Value: Margin is the fix value.

Mark Up( % or USD )The Mark Up in rate in Percentage value.
CodeEnter the specific destination code.
Interval(s)This is interval for billing.
Min Time(s)The minimum chargeable duration.

Fill out the whole New Rate Generation Page with the help of Table.

After filling all the sections, click on SUBMIT button to complete the procedure of creating a new Rate Generation.

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