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In this module we will see how to setup mail server & test it

Go to Configuration → Mail Sender

Below displayed window will appear.

Screenshot: Email Sender

To setup a new Mail Server, Click on Create New Button, the below mentioned section will appear.

Screenshot: Creating a new mail server

Column Name



Name of Mail Server..

Mail Server

IP address or Fully Qualified Domain Name (FQDN) of Mail Server.

Mail Port

Port of Mail Server. for example 5060, 5080 etc.


Username is used to login to Mail Server.


The password is used to login to Mail Server. It is encoded to *.


It Includes SSL and TLS cryptographic protocols. You can select value base on Mail Server Configuration

Email Address

The Address of Mail Sender.

Fill up the information with the help of above displayed table, After filling up all the fields of new mail server, click on save icon to save the Mail Server.

By following this steps you can create a new Mail Server.

How to Test Mail Server

Go to Configuration → Mail Sender

Email Sender window will appear,

As shown on the above displayed window, these are Mail Servers set up to send Emails, you can test the mail server whether they are working or not,

Just click on TestIcon which is highlighted in yellow color above.

When you click on Test icon a popup will appear, just enter the Email Address & click OK. If you receive a mail means the Mail Server is working.

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