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In this module we will see how to setup Failover Rule for specific trunks,

Go to Routing → Trunks → Egress/Ingress

Below displayed window will appear.

Screenshot: Trunks

Click on Edit Icon on any of Trunk on which you want to set Fail over rule

Trunk Edit window will appear.

Screenshot: Trunk Edit Window

On the Trunk window, Go to Fail Over Rule on the left side bar,

Failover Rule section will appear.

Screenshot: Failover Rule in Trunks

You can change according to you by following simple steps mentioned in table


You will see from the first column, CODE – It will be always in numbers and by default it is already set by the system.


There will be 3 options,

Fail to Next TrunkFail to Next Host & STOP(descriptions mentioned above in the table)

Calls will go on flowing over the codes when given Fail to Next Trunk or Fail to Next Host, till you setup STOP and give proper Rejection codes as SIP 486 (Busy here) & SIP 487 (Request Terminated)


It is the release code which you want to set as above mentioned when you use STOP in Route Type option and set correct rejection codes like SIP 503(Service Unavailable)SIP 486 (Busy here) & SIP 487 (Request Terminated)

You can do changes according to you and click on SUBMIT button to save.

Follow same procedure for both Egress & Ingress Trunks to set Failover Rule.

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