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In this module we will see how to search for SIP Packet

To search for Media Packet, Click on Tools → SIP Packet Search

Below displayed window will appear.

Screenshot: SIP Packet Search

You can search for SIP Packets from here, Click on More Options and can search specifically like ANI, DNIS, Trunks etc.

As you can see on the above window, you will see Ingress Call ID & Egress Call ID, just click on the ID's and it will generate PCAP Trace.

You can check the generated PCAP Trace on SIP Request Window.

Screenshot: SIP Request

The requested SIP Packets are displayed here,

You can Download the generated PCAP Trace by clicking on this icon.

You can view the generated PCAP Trace in Cloudshark by clicking on this icon.

You can send the generated PCAP Trace file through Email by clicking on thisicon. Just enter the Email on the popup and send.

You can copy the Link of the generated PCAP Trace by clicking on thisicon. You can use this copied link to download PCAP File.

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