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Screenshot: New Billing Rule

Field Name


NameName of the Billing Rule.
Type Rate

Fee Per DID

It is use to set Fee Per DID.

RateFee to use per DID
BillingYou can set fee for DID as Weekly or Monthly

Inbound Rate


There are two options:

  • Fix Rate
  •  → It will be applied for all the DID’s.
  • Variable Rate
  •  → In this you can use different rates for DID’s.

Note: When you select Fix Rate, You have to set the Min time and Interval for this rule.

If you select Variable Rate,

there is a

A Rate Table will be generated. After save the Rule, you will be redirected to the Rate Table page.

Free Per DID

Fee to use per DID. You can set fee for Weekly or Monthly. By inputting rate into Rate field and select Weekly or Monthly in the Billing Section.


Charges per minute.

Fee for Port
Rate TableSelect the Rate Table from dropdown, when chosen Variable in Rate Type. You can also create a Rate Table by clicking on Image Added Icon.
Min TimeMinimum chargeable duration. If min time is 6 sec and someone calls only for 3 sec. The call will get charged for 6 sec.
IntervalThis is the interval for billing. If you set it 6 sec. Then billing will be based on every 6 sec. If you call for 11 sec, but as billing interval is 6 sec. It will be charged for 12 sec.

Payphone Surcharge

A charge associated with toll-free calls placed from pay telephones or using a calling card.

Fee Per Port

It is use to set Fee Per Port.

RateFee to use Port.
BillingYou can set
fee for DID as Weekly or Monthly
by inputting rates into Rate field and select Weekly or Monthly in the billing Section.

Rate Per SMS

Charges per SMS you send or receive, you can set the charges for message sent and message received in respective boxes.

Setup FeeCharges for completing all the setup.

With the help of above displayed table, created 2 Billing Rule, for example - Billing_C for Client & Billing_V for Vendor.