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After your VM has been prepared , login to the terminal using the root username and password you had received. 

After entering the terminal, you need to install some repos. 

Use the following commands to install V5 switch ::  

1. yum install -y epel-release

2. yum -y install centos-release-scl
3. yum -y install
4. yum install -y
5. yum install -y
6. yum install -y
7. yum -y install denovolab-software

::  To verify that you your switch has been installed :
ps aux|grep dnl
::   To individually check whether a script is running or not , you can use :
systemctl status <script_name>           ,or 
ps aux|grep

::   To check the running processes on the switch, you can use :

::      After the switch has been installed , you can use :
systemctl start/stop/restart dnl_softswitch  >>  To start/stop/restart switch.

 ::    For checking postgres log : 
        find / -name *postgres*log -type f
                       Sample Result :     


                        cd /var/lib/pgsql/9.6/data/pg_log/
                       Result :    postgresql-Fri.log   postgresql-Sat.log 

                    cat postgresql-Sat.log

             ::   In case of error in Voip Gateway , 
If under the module SWITCH > Voip Gateway , an error is shown in status, 
                         try restarting the softswitch script . Use the following command :: systemctl restart dnl_softswitch

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