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This section is used to fetch Balance Reset Logs, Here we can see detailed info like when it was created, what was the old balance, status of operation if it was successful or not etc.

Reset Balance Log Query Form

We will see how to fill the reset balance log query form

To open reset balance query form, click on Log → Reset Balance Log

Below displayed window will appear.

Screenshot: Reset Balance Log Query Form




To select the date range period like Today, Yesterday or Custom


To select the starting date


To select the ending date


Search by Status of Reset Balance Operation i.e. Pending & Finished

CustomerSearch by Customer

Reset Balance Log Form Result

After filling all the fields with the help of above displayed table, click on submit, below displayed window will open with results.

Screenshot: Reset Balance Form Result

Column NameDescription
Created OnThe Date Time when the Balance was reseted
Created ByUser who reseted the Balance
CustomerName of Customer whose Balance was reseted
Old BalanceOld Balance of the customer before it was reseted
New BalanceNew Balance of the customer after reset
StatusStatus of Balance i.e. Finished & Pending.
Start OnDate Time when the Balance reset operation was executed
Finished OnDate Time when the Balance reset operation was finished

The descriptions of the buttons used on the above window,



This button is used to set the total of records per a page

This button is used to select the column which will be shown/hidden

This button is used to go to next, previous page It is also used to go to the specific page by clicking on the number of page

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