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IP address blocking is a configuration of a network service so that requests from hosts with certain IP addresses are rejected.

IP address blocking can be used to restrict access to or from a particular geographic area.

This section is used to add IP’s so that if the call hits the system whether from Origination side or Termination side, the call will be automatically rejected.

To go to this option, Click on Monitoring → Media IP Blocking

Below displayed window will appear.

Screenshot: Media IP Blocking

Field name 



The selected IP address on which Media IP Blocking rule will be applied


Value which is used to divide IP address in subnets and specify available host

NoteSpecific Note can be mentioned here i.e. reason for blocking specific IP.

Auto Block

This section displays the Block Type

True : It stands for If the Blocking was done automatically by the system.

False : It stand for If the Blocking was done manually by the user.

Create Time

The date/time when the Media IP Blocking rule is created.

Create By

The user who created the Media IP Blocking rule.


The action performed on Media IP Blocking Rule like Edit, Delete, Save or Cancel.

How to create a New Media IP Blocking Rule

To add a new rule click on Create New button, below displayed window will appear.

Screenshot: Create New Rule

Input the fields with help of above displayed table. By filling all the fields click on SAVE button to save the rule. Blocking will get applied.

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