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In this module we will see how to view PCAP on Cloudshark on the switch

First we will see how to Generate PCAP Trace then we will view them in Cloudshark.

Go to Tools → SIP Packet Search

Below displayed window will appear.

Screenshot: SIP Packet Search

On this section search for the PCAP Traces which you want,

Search PCAP Traces will appear as shown below,

Screenshot: SIP Packet Search Result

To Generate SIP Packet just click on the Ingress Call ID or Egress Call ID. The Generated SIP Packets will be displayed in SIP Request.

Click on SIP Request section.

Screenshot: SIP Request

This section displays the generated PCAP Traces, you can download the PCAP Traces & view here also.

To view PCAP Traces in Cloudshark, click on View in Cloudshark icon. The PCAP Traces will get opened in Cloudshark as displayed below.

Screenshot: PCAP Traces in Cloudshark

This is the sample of PCAP Trace in Cloudshark.

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