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In this module we will see how to upload DID Repository

Go to DID → DID Repository

Below displayed window will appear.

Screenshot: DID Repository List

On the DID Repository window, click on Import button,

This button is used to Import a list of DID Numbers instead of creating it manually,

To upload a list of DID Repository click on Import button, below displayed window will appear.

Screenshot: Import DID Repository

Select Upload new DID option,

Below on Import File section, click and select the DID Repository file which you want to upload,

Select DID Vendor Name & Vendor Billing Rule Name from dropdown,

Select Duplicate method, whether Ignore or Delete

After completing all the fields, click on NEXT button to Upload the DID Repository File.

Import window will appear shown below,

Preview of DID Repository will be displayed below, Click on Upload button to upload the DID Repository File.

The Upload will get started, you can track the uploading file on Import Log window.

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