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Vendor consist of Multiple Egress Trunks, In this module we will see how to setup multiple Trunks.

To Add Multiple Trunks Follow this steps.

Go to Routing → Trunks → Egress

Egress Trunk window will appear.

Screenshot: Egress List

From this window you can create & manage Egress Trunks.

To create a new Egress Trunk, Click on Create New button,

Below displayed window will appear.

Screenshot: New Egress Trunk

Field Name


Egress Name

Name of the Egress Trunk.

Call Limit

Limit of Call Pass through Egress Trunk.

CPS Limit

Limit of Call Per Second through Egress Trunk.

PDD Timeout

Post Dial Delay timeout.


Select the carrier in which you want to create Egress Trunk.

Media Type

There are two types of Media:

By pass Media

Takes place when the carrier establishes the call but removes itself from the media pathway.

Proxy Media

The opposite of media by pass, the carrier remains in the media path for the duration of the call.


There are 3 types of Authorization for the Trunk.

Authorized by Host Only

For this option, IP/Host of Caller must match with authorized IP/Host, call will be passed

Authorized by SIP Registration

Authorized by SIP Registration.

Register to gateway

Authorized by register to gateway.

Min Duration

Set the Minimum Call Duration Time.

Max Duration

Set the Maximum Call Duration Time.

Ring Timer

Set the Max Ring Time for a call passing through Egress Trunk.

Min Profitability

Set the Minimum Profitability of calls passing through this Trunk.


Status of Egress Trunk: Activate (True) or Deactivate (False).

Rate Table

Select the Rate Table for Egress Trunk.

Enforce CID Block

Enforce CID Block for this trunk by checking the box. Please refer CID Block for more details.

Pass LRN to header

Give Permission by checking the box to Pass Location Routing Number to header.

Enable T38

Give Permission by checking the box to Enable the T38 protocol for this trunk.


Select Codes for encoding or decoding a digital data or call signal i.e. Mostly used codec like G729.

Multi-Host Routing Strategy

Routing Strategy when there are many Hosts belong to Egress Trunk.


Top hosts will be prioritized.


It is an arrangement of choosing all hosts in a group equally in some rational order.

Add Host

This form is displayed if selected Authorized by Host-Only.


Host Name


IP of host


Port number

Add SIP User

This form is displayed if selected Authorized by SIP Registration.


Username of SIP Registration.


Password of SIP Registration.

Add Gateway Info

This form is displayed if Authorized is Register to the gateway.


Set IP to register.


Set Port to register.


The time when registration will expire.


Set Username to register.


Set Password to register.

SIP Profile

Select SIP Profile from dropdown.

Filling out all parameters and click on SUBMIT button to save to complete the procedure of creating a new Egress Trunk.


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