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Code Deck consist of Destination Codes, Their Name & Country.

In this module we will see How to upload Code Deck,

To go to this section, Click on Configuration→ Code Deck

Below displayed window will appear.

Screenshot: Code deck

On the Code Deck window, You will find the List of Code Deck Loaded on the System.

To Upload the Rate Deck you have to Open the Code Deck first, Click on the Name of the Code Deck.

Screenshot: Code Deck

Code Deck will appear, You can see the Codes which are present in the Code Deck as displayed in the window.

Click on Import button, The Import window will appear.

Screenshot: Import Code Deck

Field Name


Import File

It is used to upload code list file.


The action performed on duplicate record:

  • Ignore: The new record will be ignored.
  • Delete: The old record will be deleted and replace by the new record.

Show Example

It is used to download example file.


Click on this to import the code list.

Click on Import File, The Popup Window will appear,

Select the File from the window you want to upload, then select the Duplicate Record option i.e. Ignore or Delete and Click on Upload button.

The File Uploading will get started. You can check the Upload Status in the Import Log window.

You can see how many Records got Successfully Uploaded, how many Failed and how many Duplicated.

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