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In this module you will see how to setup Automatic Report for Client's so that the Client's can receive reports on their Emails .

To setup Automatic Report for the Client, Just follow this simple steps.

Go to Termination → Client

Below displayed window will appear.

Screenshot: Client List

On the above displayed window, Click on the Name of the Client or on Edit icon. Client Setup will get opened as shown below.

Screenshot: Client Setup

On the Client Window, Click on AUTOMATIC REPORT section as marked on the above displayed window.

Screenshot: Automatic Report Setup



Send at

Timing of automatic report generation on daily basis.

Time Zone

Select the Time Zone which will be applied on selected Time.


Select the receiver of report from dropdown i.e. My Billing, Partner Billing or Both.

Daily Usage Summary

Check this checkbox to receiver daily usage summary.

Non Zero Only

By checking the checkbox client will receive only usage reports of connected calls.

Group By

Daily reports will be grouped by,

  • By Country
  • By Code Name
  • By Code

You can select anyone of them from dropdown.

Daily Balance Summary

By checking this box client will receive the daily balance details like how much used and remaining.

Daily CDR Generation

By checking this box client will receive daily CDR’s.

Payment Received Alert

By checking this box client will receive alert when their payment is received and updated in switch.

Zero Balance Notification

By checking the box client will be notified that they have used their balance and their account is zero now.

Fill up all the Parameters and click on SUBMIT button to SAVE.

For receiving Automatic Reports you must add your Billing Email, you can set it from Company Info column on the Client edit window.

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