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In this module you will see how to set up Auto Invoice for Client with CDR Link in Email, so that Invoice will be sent automatically to the Client containing CDR Link in Email.

To setup Auto Invoice for the Client, Just follow this simple steps.

Go to Termination → Client

Below displayed window will appear.

Screenshot: Client List

On the above displayed window, Click on the Name of the Client or on Edit icon. Client Setup will get opened as shown below.

Screenshot: Client Setup

On the Client Window, Click on AUTO INVOICE section as marked on the above displayed window.

Screenshot: Auto Invoice Setup

Click on Enable Auto Invoice checkbox, Above displayed window will appear.



Invoice Settings

Select the invoice pattern created in the system, you can create your own Invoice setup on Invoice Setting Page.

Payment Terms

Select the Payment term like Daily, Weekly, Monthly etc. You can create different payment terms on Payment Term Page.

Invoice Format

Select the Invoice Format. It can be PDF or HTML.

Time Zone

Select the Time Zone which will be applied to Auto Invoice for Client.

Rate Decimal Value

Select the Rate Decimal for all the values in the Invoice.

Rate Value

Select the Rate Value in Invoice, It can be Actual Value or Average Value.

Generate Invoice for Non-Zero value only

Select Yes or No whether you want to generate invoice for Connected Calls only.

Fill all the Parameters using the above displayed table.

Below are also some different options you can enable them by clicking on the checkbox which will be included in the invoice like Tax, Rate Table, Trunks, Summary of payment etc.

Select the Include CDR Link in Email checkbox as shown on the above displayed window in RED BOX.

Field Parameters will appear, you can manually select the Fields which you want in CDR (Call Detail Records).

As you select this option, it will send a Link on Email to download the CDR's.

For receiving Auto Invoices you must add your Billing Email, you can set it from Company Info column on the Client edit window.

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