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In this module we will see how to set PASS for Egress Trunk

Go to Routing → Trunks → Egress

Below displayed window will appear.

Screenshot: Trunks

Click on Edit Icon on any of Trunk on which you want to set PASS.

Trunk Edit window will appear.

Screenshot: Egress Trunk Edit Window

Now Click on PASS on the window as marked in red box in above window.

Below displayed window will appear.

Screenshot: Egress PASS

Field Name



  • Never: Do not pass Remote part ID to the egress side.
  • Pass Through: Pass Remote part ID to the egress side if it exists in the ingress SIP INVITE header.
  • Always: Always pass Remote part ID to egress side.

Updating the Caller Number: Map the Caller Number to Remote part ID and pass to egress side.

Enable PAID

It refers to the P Asserted Identity. (Caller ID Information)

Enable OLI

It refers to Origination Line Information.(Info about originator of call)

Enable PCI

It refers to Payment Card Identity. (Protect payment card data throughout the transaction life cycle.)

Enable PRIV

It refers to the Privacy Mechanism.

Enable DIV

It refers to Division.

Display Name

It refers to the Display Name i.e. Caller ID.

Fill in all the Fields with the above displayed table to set the PASS Rules,

After Filling in all the fields click on SUBMIT button to save.

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