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In this module we will see how to establish Enforce CID Block on Ingress Trunk,

Go to Routing → Trunks → Ingress

Below displayed window will appear.

Screenshot: Ingress Trunks

Click on Edit Icon on any of Trunk on which you want to set Enforce CID Block

Trunk Edit window will appear.

Screenshot: Trunk Edit Window

On the Trunk Edit window, click on Enforce CID Block

Screenshot: Enforce CID Block

Field Name


Enable CID Block

Choose whether you want to enable CID blocking by choosing Yes or No.

CID Block Min ASR

Set the Minimum ASR criteria for blocking caller ID.

CID Block Min ACD

Set the Minimum ACD criteria for blocking caller ID.

CID Block Max SDP

Set the Maximum Session Description Protocol criteria for blocking caller ID.

Min Call Attempt

Set the Min call attempt, if it exceeds it will block caller ID.

Set the criteria of Enforce CID Block using the above displayed table, just check the Enable CID Block and enter all the criteria.

After entering the values, click on SUBMIT button to save.

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