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In this module we will see how to create Static Routing

To go to this option click on Routing → Static Routing

Below displayed window will appear.

Screenshot: Static Routing

To create a New Static Routing, Click on Create New button, a blank form will appear as displayed below.

Screenshot: New Static Routing

Enter the Name in the field to set the name of new Static Routing. After entering the name click on SAVE Icon to create a new Static Routing.

For example we have created a new Static Routing named as TEST_STATIC

Now we will see how to edit the Static Routing and create new static routings rules.

To add a new Routing rule in Static Routing, click on the Static Routing name.

As we have created a example file TEST_STATIC, click on the name. Below displayed window will appear.

Screenshot: Routing Plan {TEST_STATIC}

To create a New Routing Rule in Static Routing {TEST_STATIC}, Click on Create New Button

Below displayed window will appear where you can create a new rule.

Screenshot: Add New Route

Column Name



The code of the route. When the caller calls to this code, the routings will be applied. Example 65 for Singapore


Top-Down: The trunk on top has the highest priority

By Percentage: The calls are allocated based on what percentage the trunk is given. For example: trunk A is given a percentage of 50%, trunk B is given a percentage of 50%. With this example, half the calls will be allocated to trunk A and half will be allocated to trunk B.

Round Robin: It is an arrangement of choosing all hosts in a group equally in some rational order.

Time Profile

The schedule time when the route takes effective.


Select the Vendor carrier from dropdown.


Select the Egress Trunk from dropdown.


Enter the Percentage you want to use for strategy percentage wise.

After selecting Routing Rules & Entering the criteria, click on SUBMIT button.

As we have created a new route rule for TEST_STATIC with the help of above displayed table.

The new Routing Rule created in {TEST_STATIC} Static Routing is displayed below.

Screenshot: Routing Rule in Static Routing

As shown in above displayed window the details of Static Routing rule. You can create many routing rules in the static routing with Create New Button.

For more information, Please refer to Static Routing

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