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In this module we will see how to create Dynamic Routing

To go to this option click on Routing → Dynamic Routing

Below displayed window will appear.

Screenshot: Dynamic Routing

On the Dynamic Routing window, Click on Create New Button

Below displayed window will appear

Screenshot: Create Dynamic Routing

Column Name



Set the Name of the Rule.

Routing Rule

Type of Routing Rule:

Largest ACD

Largest Average Call Duration. For this rule, The Trunk which have largest Average Call Duration will be given priority

Largest ASR

Largest Answer-Seizure Ratio. For this rule, The Trunk which have largest Answer-Seizure Ratio will be given priority


Least-Cost Routing. For this rule, The route which have least cost will be given priority.

Time profile

Time profile field is used to set the range time when the route will be in use. You can configure Time profile under Configuration → Time Profile.

Qos Cycle

This field is used to set the cycle time when QoS monitor will be run.

Add Egress

Click on Add Egress button to add more Egress Trunk. Select Carries and Trunk name from dropdown list.


Name of Carriers

Trunk Name

Egress Trunk belong to Carrier

You can click on delete icon to remove Egress Trunk.

Add All Egress

Clicking on this button, it will automatically add all the Egress Trunks in the Dynamic Routing.

Delete All

This button is used to delete all the Egress Trunks from the Dynamic Routing.

Delete Selected

This button is used to delete the selected Egress Trunks which you have selected from the checkbox.


Select the carrier whose Trunk you want to use in Dynamic Routing.

Egress Trunk Name

Select the Egress Trunk which will come in effect of routing.


Actions to be done i.e. Activate, Deactivate & Delete.

The table will help you in creating the Dynamic Routing,

Enter the name of the routing, select Routing rule i.e Largest ACD, Largest ASR & LCR,

Mostly used routing is LCR,

Select Time Profile for the Rule, if you want to keep it blank you can do so.

If you choose Largest ACD & ASR, then you have to select time for QoS Cycle.

Then come down, Add Egress for which you want to create Dynamic Trunk,

Click on Add Egress, then select Carrier, after selecting carrier, the Egress Trunk associated to carrier will be displayed in the dropdown,

select the trunk for which you want to create Dynamic Routing.

After selecting Carrier Trunk, click on SUBMIT button to SAVE Dynamic Routing.

For more information, Please refer to Dynamic Routing.

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