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In this module you will see how you can Add Payment (Credit) for Client.

If a Client is running out of balance and you want to add payment for that specific client, you can do so by following simple steps.

To open the Payment Window, Click on Finance → Payment → New Payment Received

Below displayed window will appear.

Screenshot: Add Payment

Field Name



Select the Client for whom the Payment has been received.

Received On

The date when Payment is received.


The amount received from the client.


Type of payment

Prepayment Received: customer sends prepayment to user.


Note for payment (Remark)

Input the Fields using above displayed table and click on SUBMIT button to add Payment.

You can check this payments in RECEIVED Section as shown below.

Screenshot: Received Payments

As you can see in above window I have Added Payment for a Client and it is displayed in the window. You can also search for Payments using Query Box.

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