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MASTER V1.0 RELEASE ON 2016/07/23



MASTER  v1.0-46-g7633d88 RELEASE ON 2016/08/01

JIRA IDJIRA TitleFixed issue's short Description
CLAS-1107Need to use Real release #


CLAS-1225Voiceterm ---> client portal not showing summary report for todayClient portal Connected call dashboard fix & remove of volume and Attempted call sections
CLAS-1241Teleinx & Demo >> Dashboard and QoS report issuesASR word & ACD number & QoS Report's word
CLAS-1239Demo & teleinx >> Login page IssuesLogin Error messages & Background
CLAS-1242Demo & Teleinx >> Carrier Page >> Mass Edit KeyMass Edit button for Carrier fix
CLAS-1227Need Scheduled Code Base ReportCode based Report feature
  Captcha Remove (Special Request)
CLAS-1252Login Page >> Wrong Captcha shows Error in spellingCaptcha spelling error
CLAS-1238Demo, Teleinx, Voiceterm >> Client Portal DashboardClient Dashboard Graph
CLAS-1251Background Remove featureLogin Page Background Remove feature






CLAS-649Show Trunk and Carrier Name for Register Log

Sip register log

CLAS-466CLAS:Admin: Nothing happens when clicking copy ftp conf in Configuration>FTP ConfigurationCopy FTP configuration
CLAS-1253Carrier>>login via client, it is opening the demo login pageClient portal login
CLAS-1232Need Export Button in this pageActual Balance Page
CLAS-1254Voiceterm ---- > Rounding of amount in 2 decimal placePayment received Email
  new backend php side
CLAS-352Need CDR integration to for backup CDRinit changes only
  bad number detection ui

Add to Monitoring Rule

Selection for Monitor Data By: Trunk , Trunk and DNIS , Trunk and ANI



 Release on 11/03/17

Jira ID




ATI: QoS Summary Export


CSV Export has wrong headers


Remove the following Statistics Report

Page removed


Remove this page : Statistics -> Premature Report



Remove Statistic -> US Statistics Report



Ytel: Hide new CDR search



Teleinx>>Static route>>dropdown not showing the egress list


Dropdown list fixed


Teleinx>>client portal>>billing>>online payment>>remove Credit Card tab.

Tab removed





need to remove some un-needed fields from UI


Removed- Sip Capture IP:
Sip Capture Port:
Sip Capture Path


Statisics>>inbound/outbound report>>sql error

Sql error fixed


Statisics>>inbound/outbound report>>sql error

Sql error fixed


YTEL- statistics>>cdr>>headers are not matching with the default show fields




ATI: QoS Summary Export

CSV Export has wrong headers


ATI: Daily Usage Detail Report Export


CSV Export issue







Release on : 18/03/17
Jira no.Jira TitleDescription
CLAS-2826Ytel: Block List Exportexport produces blank file
CLAS-2830Ytel: Static Route export not workingCSV EXport Producing blank file,XML-error
CLAS-2832Ytel: code deck ExportProducing blank CSV and error with xls download
CLAS-2827Ytel: Digit Translation Exportexport produces blank file
CLAS-2829Ytel: Routing plan Exportblank file
CLAS-2535Random ANI import is getting failed( ANI upload getting PHP error.
CLAS-2833Ytel: US Jurisdiction ExportCSV EXport Producing blank file,XML-error
CLAS-2831Ytel: Egress trunk >> Ingress CapacityPHP error
CLAS-2836Ytel: Rate generation result exportblank file
CLAS-2892Ytel:rate upload  issue 
CLAS-2891Ytel:create rate table ????????? ratecreate rate table issue
CLAS-2894Ytel:voip gateway ????edit sip profile button
CLAS-2843ytel- client portal- connected calls showing wrong timing for the callsnot showing the switch timings
CLAS-2789Ingress Trunk_LRN Digit Modifier_Add LRN Action does not display after adding successfullycreate new not working
CLAS-2788Egress Trunk_Ingress Capacity_Add same ingress trunk and capacity are allowedduplicate wont be allowed
CLAS-2786Egress Trunk/Ingress Trunk_Replace Action_Adding new works incorrectlyissue closed
CLAS-2780Static Route_Cannot create new oneThere is error "Failed to add route. Please try again later"
CLAS-2779LRN Block_Error of code prefix is hiddenerror popup
CLAS-2776Get 'Uncaught TypeError' when save a payment recordsql error
CLAS-2784A agent-dashboard page loads forever after downloading imagescontinous loadinf of page
CLAS-2777Importing failed for Routing Plan 
CLAS-2775Editing Routing Plan acts like  adding new one 
CLAS-2774Editing Routing Plan required Dynamic/Static Routing even they are providedboth static/dynamic was not added at the same time
CLAS-2912Db time not matching with UI 
CLAS-2856Summary report Fields cant match in dial_masterABR removed
CLAS-2921ATI new UI>>ADD a "profit margin" feature in Ingress and Egress export.feature added
CLAS-2770'Undefined index' shows when open Verify Configuration pagesql error
CLAS-2769Show ' Undefined variable' query when set IP as empty on User Management pageundefined error
CLAS-2767Edit module - No have 'Cancel' or 'Reset' button on Edit module screen and Edit Sub-module screenreset button missing
CLAS-2766A warning message should not show when click Reset button on Add new Modules screenvalidation popup
CQB-22Admin > Routing > Trunk > Egress Trunk > Page Title issuePage Title bar Display "Gatewaygroups :: Partition", it should be Egress Trunk
CQB-19Management > Carrier > Create New > Low balance Notification > Indication requiredpopup
CQB-17Admin > Management > Carrier > Create New > Short call charge > Additional chage message issueerror message
CQB-16Admin > Management > Carrier > Create New > Short call charge > Percentage value issue 
CQB-7Admin > Management > Carrier > Create New > Company Info > Company name > Validation require 
CQB-4Management > Carrier > Create New > Name > Not proper Englishpopup modification
CQB-28Home page menu theme issueresolution issue
CQB-64signup>>Address field,company info>>remove validation pop-up 
CLAS RPM-25Invoice log and export- remove 
CLAS RPM-18Unable to Auto Create Rate Table 
CLAS RPM-17On Jurisdiction page, Unable to Submit data 
CLAS RPM-9Unble to reject registration account 
CLAS RPM-7On Carrier Page, Unable to delete Carrier 
CLAS RPM-26warning message on the top of every page.warning message
CLAS RMP-6On Carrier Page, Unable to deactivate Carrieractivate/deactivate not working


 Release on 25/03/17
Jira no.Jira TitleDescription
CLAS-2757Some issues about required fields on 'Save Carrier Group' screenwarning message/popup
CLAS-2755Reset button on Sent Rate page works improperlyreset button not working
CLAS-2753SQL Error " syntax error at or near "order" when access to agent_portal/client_list pageagent portal-sl error
CLAS-2746CLONE - No warning message displays when create Rate Table without fill in required fieldsno warning message
CLAS-2910Need to fix the line falling off.connected calls graph falling down
CLAS-2921ATI new UI>>ADD a "profit margin" feature in Ingress and Egress export."profit margin" feature missing
CLAS-2922ATI new UI>>finance>>ADD payment>>ADD a send out button under action to send email receipt of the payment send out mail button not working
CLAS-2763All icons do not work when click Maximize icon in Login_content section 
CLAS-2933Ytel: Dashboard wrong Datadashboard issue
CLAS-2745Get 404 error when clicking indeterminate rate setting icon on  a Rate table recordintermediate option not working
CLAS-2855trunks>>edit ingress>>Enable Global 404 Blocking giving error 
CLAS-2809Select all in invoice listing is not workingmark all button not working
CLAS-2806Short Duration Fixdurations added
CLAS-2730Tax should not be default field in CDR page 
CLAS-2728Host based Report ASR needs to change ASR should be -> ASR = non zero / total attempt
CLAS-2940Cannot Deactivate Selected 
CLAS-2963ATI: After adding credit/payment, the mail that is going out isn't populating {company_name} tagtag not working
CLAS-2962Ytel : rate import not working 
CLAS-2782Error occurs when Click on Egress Alias/ Ingress Alias title link in Report tablesql error
CLAS-2636Spam Report paging improperlypaging issue
CLAS-2644Issues in Routing >> Digital translationdelete all/delete selected not working
CLAS-2635Issues in Template >> Rate Upload Templatereset button missing
CLAS-2950Lack title label for Trigger pop up 
CLAS-2946113:Rates cannot be sent out 
CLAS-2964Configuration>>system setting>>system email setting>>test button not workingtest button not working in system email setting
CLAS-2949All trunks are still selected after un-ticking 'All' checkbox next to Terminating Trunk / Originating Trunk tablecheckbox not working
CLAS-2948UI bug - Create new currency 
CLAS-2944'Star' icon is shown inconsistent with required fields 
CLAS-2943Page Row is not filtered correctly on FTP Configuration page 
CLAS-2633Location Report_existing columns are unselected automatically when adding more ones while querying
CLAS-2942Save function works improperly on User- Defined termination page 
CLAS-2613Issues in Configuration >> Role 
CLAS-2634Profitablitity Analysis report pattern is not fit with page pattern 
CLAS-2896ytel-cdr export not working 


RPM-22Different inform between Test Site and Standard Site when click on Button TestSMTP error
RPM-19On Rate Table page, able to export to csv file but there is no data in filefromat error


Release Date- 1/4/17
Jira no.Jira TitleDescription
CLAS-2968Automatically log out when click Role linkrole permission issue
CLAS-2970TCPDF ERROR:' occurs when download Actual Transaction 
CLAS-2969System Logo is showing incorrectlysystem logo issue
CLAS-2967user cannot login after edit in user managerment 
CLAS-2957'All' checkbox on Role page is working improperly 
CLAS-2939Reset function on Carrier Portal Allowed CDR Fields page works improperly 
CLAS-2935Should show a warning message when do not select any carriers, destination in Add Traffic Alert Rule page
CLAS-2931Error occurs when search Execution Log of Fraud Detection  sql error
CLAS-2929Ingress Trunk List is not reset when click "Reset" button on  Fraud Detectionreset button not working
CLAS-2928Upload File for black hole works improperlyupload issue
CLAS-2926Show Note pop up is showing under header of received payment tablepopup under the header
CLAS-2925SQL Error when search  all Past Due Summary sql error
CLAS-2915Error occurs when search ingress CDR 
CLAS-2909'Back' button on credit_note page does not work 
CLAS-2904'Cho' word appears in Carries field after clicking 'Reset' button 
CLAS-2878''href'' and heading button of edit client link is showing wrong 
CLAS-2982YTEL:reporting issuereport mismatch
CLAS-2919Call Simulation display need to enhancemodification
CLAS-2996Alert is enabled but showing disabled in dbDB issue
CLAS-2898Ytel and all other ---- > Invoice credit not getting added in financial modulenot getting added in the financial module
CLAS-2903Selected carriers are not reset when click 'Reset' buttonreset button not working
CLAS-2873Cannot delete DID on Add/Edit Vendor page 
CLAS-2883Some issues when adding wizard in Origination 
CLAS-2966UI bug on email log 
CLAS-2973'Deactive All' button works improperly in Client List page 
CLAS-2906'TCPDF ERROR:' occurs when download Mutual Transactionerror message
CLAS-3009ATI --- > Payment Received email should go to billing email and not Admin email 
CLAS-2991Should only export a file with filtered values 
CLAS-2987'Begin Time' field is not required when reset balance 
CLAS-2870Should have Search textbox to user can query a record on Vendor list page 
CLAS-2812Unknown message shows when adding Rate Upload Template without filling in required fieldsrate upload template error message
CLAS-2995CDR showing sql error in .113sqql error
CLAS-3006A 'Rate Import Log' file is downloaded when clicking 'Upload' link on Rate Import Log page 
CLAS-3010Profitability on Carrier page is reset 
CLAS-2799Pagination on DID Repository page works improperly 
CLAS-2797'Failed to open stream' message shows when clicking 'SIP' link on Sip Packet Search page 
CLAS-2796Must have a warning message when adding/ editing 'Rate Generation' without seleting Vendors 
CLAS-2598DID>>Add client modification 
CLAS-2594DID client portal>>Ingress / egress -Add a "port" field 
CLAS-2600DID client portal>>Switch Ip is showing error message. 
CLAS-2947Cannot assign client to vendor in DID repository 
CLAS-2859Some fields on Real Time Statistics >  Location Report New page is reset values when click Search button
CLAS-2876'->->''characters are showing in Edit Vendor page 
CLAS-2781Cannot download Pcap and View in cloudshark on Get PCAP pop upremove pcap
CLAS-2662Fraud Detection Email is not neededremove template
CLAS-2660Payment Sent Email is not neededremove template
CLAS-2659Daily Payment should be changed to "Payment Received Notification"remove template
CLAS-2654Email Template - Daily Balance Alerttags missing
RPM-19On Rate Table page, able to export to csv file but there is no data in fileexport issue


Released on - 8/4/17
CLAS-3801Client Dashboard is not showing but just spinningmaybe because it is querying memsql which it should not
CLAS-3030DID Billing Rule is at DID level not at Client level.  remove billing rule
CLAS-3054Client portal>>Trunks>>Create new>>Add routing and Tech prefix not showing in Product list pageproduct list not showing
CLAS-2888configuration>>email template>>remove one Email Template: New Rate Notification 
CLAS-2961Alignment in DIAL QOS REPORT 
CLAS-2960Dashboard BUG DIAL  
CLAS-2879Remove unnecessary Invoice search field 
CLAS-2724Show / Hide (% ) showing ACD and ASR calculation
CLAS-3084ATI,VOICETERM,SIPPRO and ytel issuesautomatic payment alert not working.
CLAS-2509Modifications in New CDR page in filtersearch fields modification
CLAS-2653Add Tag to the right side of the Daily Summary Email Templatetags added
CLAS-2301Dial:Dynamic Routing: Delete selected did not work 
CLAS-3029DID biling small fixWhen it "Variable rate", The "Price/Minute" header should be changed to "Rate Table".
  Also, "Rate Table" dropdown should not be under "Price/DID/Month " header.
CLAS-3089Routing>>Routing plan>>edit>>select all button not working 

 Released on 14/5/17
Jira no.Jira TitleDescription
3331BTB ---- > Dashboard showing all zerodashboard showing all zero
3281Call Simulation result gives error with special character 
3410Client alert and email ID is not getting changed 
3409rate table>>import not working 
3407.113:Generated rate is not applied to any rate table and no rate email is recived 
3396BTB-dashboard is not updating 
3392management>>carrier>>create new>>add test credit>>showing test credit on payment page 
3389Disabled trunk do not trigger any Alert 
3386About Daily CDR Delivery Alert issue of layout 
3378Switch>>Payment term>>getting failed while creating 
3367CDR>>export>>file contains backend code instead of trunks Name 
3361Tandem Transit Email split by issue 
3353emails not getting added in the billing rule section,showing error "*email and split by;" 
3352management>>carrier>>create new>>test credit not working 
3346DID-call simulation>>showing wrong sql 
3331BTB ---- > Dashboard showing all zero 
3330Tandem Transit Egress hostname issue 
3319Mail Template HTML Source viewing issue 
3313Client Portal - product number should be Product Name 
3311Client Portal Payment Page problem 
3310Client Portal Payment Page problemduplicate
3281Call Simulation result gives error with special character 
3225System email setting 
3368.39 >> Client has balance and traffic both but actual transaction is blank 
3369.39 >> Changing Configuration in payment setting is not getting effective 
3370.39 >> Client summary report is wrong when doing group by 
3371.39 >> timestamp should be human readable values 
3372.39 >> Client portal CDR is not getting Exported  
3374.39 << Client portal call graph is not working 


Released on 21/5/17

Jira no.Jira TitleDescription
2498wrong cause code is showing for call failure  
2590Clien Portal >> Termination Product 
3106Trunk is enabled but shows Resource alert disabled in .113 
3362Management > carrier issue in dial master 
1965Rapid Eagle (.225) - Each and every client has difference in balances on transaction page and carrier page 
2253The CDR download page is not getting loaded 
2270Dial:Remove consolidated CDR from Statistic Menu 
2280Carrier portal CDR Field page is giving 404 error 
2282Failover Rule page is giving 404 error 
2283FTP Config page is giving 404 error 
2284Global route error page is giving 404 V5 EMG 
2249In the dashboard the TOp 20 client and vendor list is not getting loaded 
2342Rate export is not working getting blank file even when there is rate 
2352Dial:Log: Email log invoice download button is  downloading  corrupting pdf which is not opening 
3397.39->DID-Origination>>Vendors>>Create new>>Add a "submit" button 
3419Origination in .113 ---- > DID repository not getting saved 
3032Statistics >> Daily usage detail report: Miss-corresponding between origination and termination tabs  
2281CDR Genaration Format is giving 404 error 
2669Ignore Early NOSDP does not work  
2341Rate Import is not working V5 EMG 
2750ATI - Call Disconnection Issue 
2805Vitcom (.136) :FTP issue 
3018Monitoring >> Dialer Detection does not workdialer detection removed from yaro
3019Monitoring >> Loop Detection acts wrong behaviorchecked on .113
3020Monitoring >> Fraud Detection does not workchecked on .113
3021Monitoring >> Rule: Egress trunk still exist in list although it is removedchecked on .113
3355regenerate balance must avoid duplicated records 
3206Cloud 9 : calls are failing with T.38 
3194DID call failing with no rate found 
3113Rapid Eagle (.225 & .166) >> Ring Time issue  
2959Dashboard Graph Issue 
3415dial_master login error 
3188Please make sure  PPMin is fixed in report and download report 
3135Daily CDR file format is not correct 
2376Need to make  start and stop and restart for all switch binary 
1972rate import not code name 
3170balance_history_actual calculation 
2179[v5-INT] Sign up page having error 
3434Not showing and tabs on 
3452Cloud9 >> CDR page is not getting open 
3445XTELARZ : DID client issue 
3347The cc list is not working in Rate Email Template 
3449XTELARZ : CDR show field issue 
3451XTELARZ: Remove extra monthly charge column 
3336ATI- Available balance inside page is not showing April data 
3443Payment Issue for ATI 
3195Ytel: cascade report PPK and PP Min is wrong 
3189VTI-exported summary report (SDP) not matching with the UI (SDP) 
3447XTELARZ: Sip packet search issue 
3448XTELARZ: Start time and End time is wrong 
3461Teleinx-egress creation not working 
3459Client Portal Transaction Summary is Gone 
3458Strange Admin page after going to client site and click "Back" 
3457Remove the bullet next to the checkbox 
2794ATI: QoS summary Report 
3438Origination limited postpaid credit not working 
3463Cloud9 >> DID Report : showing 0 for last 2-3 days 
3368.39 >> Client has balance and traffic both but actual transaction is blank 
3462Cloud9 >> Origination Client issue 
3464Cloud9 >> CDR Show field issue 
3417reports not working on .113 
3365client balance 报erro  
3218module cosmetic error 
3280CDR List - header and selection not matched 
2008Rate send option not working in Rate deck 
3190VTI-summary report>>termination tab>>Add some details fields 
3182DID Repository Issue: new vendor is not in dropdown 

Released on:  

Jira no.Jira TitleDescription
2886My action did not recorded on Modification Log 
3350Daily balance email atuo send multiplicity 
3440UI issue in handling file import 
1957Do not pop up "write permission" notice 
3473routing>>blocklist>>create failed 
3479Dial agent Client list page have SQL error 
3471Cant open emg master / 404 error 
3291Sending low balance alert not working 
3362Management > carrier issue in dial master 
3399Dial Agent login gets error 
3456hide the menu when the client user has no assigned menu 
3387dial - Balance page is giving error 
3411Dial master issue Cient alert 
3432.39 and master issue probably - Need to add table in db for Type 
3430BTb- Admin and client portal balance not matching 
3481There is no Clients showing under client list 
3523egress>>rate table dropdown issue 
3207DID-client and vendor not getting created 
3414DIAL-agent client is not getting added and showing successful message 
3476Xtelerz-call simulation not showing host when trunks are added in a trunk group 
3515Tools>>Call Simulation>>showing "Balance Use Up" even It is set as "unlimited" for the carrier" 
3492Trunk change eail has extra text at the end 
3544third base-origination>>client>>test credit not working 
3273Agent Portal Dashboard is all not working 
3272Agent portal client list 
3269Agent Portal Dashboard error 
3524Tools>>Call Simulation>>showing "Balance Use Up" when there is balance for the carrier 
3304Clinet portal Payment page 
3549in vendor showing balanace 1.0 
3298post registration page is wrong 
3512call simulation>>showing ingress whilch is not there in the trunk list. 
3460teleinxv3 rate import issue 
3500DID Billing Plan 
3552Ingress and Egress, need to Add Back T38 True False DropDown 
3530third base-exports not working 
3405Login Page Content -> Login Page Setting 
3357gateway UI  
3520BTB-profitability analysis report time period issue 
3521third base-ingress>>rate table>>showing wrong rate table in dropdown 
3449XTELARZ : CDR show field issue 
3329DID-call simulation showing same billing rule for 2 different client having different billing rule 
3332Welcome Letter Error 
3323Need multiple Code, CPS, and Call Limit 
3322Content of the login page and the config page should match 
3318Login page config  
3307Client's product permission is worng 
3297Registration form should not let people to select referral 
3293Fix small port touching next field alignment issue 
3288a part of agent portal is not working  
3278message for rate table assignment 
3263Agent Commission Report 
3254Rate generation page header  
3251Remove the "Basic Info" Frame 
3237Assign Rate Deck to Ingress Trunk 
3223PCAP and CDR Archival Setting 
3212FTP Compression  
3192Management>>carrier>>company>>address>>update address not working 
3085Finance >> Invoice >> Manual Client Invoice: not in the list after create successfully 
3026Origination >> Origination static routing 
3030wrong field stored for "low balance alert" 
2971test Email issues 
2951Default invoice logo is wrong 
3587orginatio >> billing rule ?? create new >> edit rates >>" showing error 
3585View DID from Vendor 
3570113-Origination>>Billing rule>> Auto rate table>>extra fields>>MIn.time and interval modification 
3531DID import Needs additional options  
3253Remove "Vendor Payment Term" field 
2847ytel- client portal- Menu>>Trunks>>Ingress Trunks>>Action>>product list>>download rate>>page is stuck 
2845Ytel ---> Client portal CDR not working 
2841ytel-client portal - client is showing all Zero when 24 Hour period is selected 
2480Ytel- Last 24 hours ASR is wrong in client portal 
2838ATI: Summary Report 
2824Ytel: Carrier Edit Prepaid 
2823Ytel: Default Mail setting test key  
2822Ytel: Balance Log 
2821Ytel: Payment Upload 
2819Ytel: Manual invoice 
2818Ytel: Invoice Issue 
2816Ytel: Mail Sender issue 
2814Ytel : Dashboard data is wrong 
2807Ytel Manual Invoice not working 
2741Client Portal Dashboard Issue 
2692Advanced Config Option not needed 
2690Low balance notification bug 
2689For Zero balance alert, remove " at ___ gmt"  it is not needed. 
2688Need fix on the client management Alert setting 
2687Daily Alert Delivery Setting 
2683Rate Not Downloaded Config 
2681Send Rate Log should be changed to Rate Delivery Log 
2682Rate Sending header option is wrong 
2680Rate Download Page Not Working 
2624Ytel---> Same rate gets added twice 
2610Agent- Commission history is not showing 
2609Agent portal- Dashboard showing everything blank 
2591Client Portal >> CDR List  
2548Ytel >> dashboard and summary report doesn't match 
2561ring time should be in millisecond not second in CDR 
2508DID --- > Origination >> Vendors ---- > ADD IP 
2463Agent Referral link  

Released On:  

Jira no.Jira TitleDescription
3108statistics>>CDR list>>not showing Origination Profile Port in the headers 
3599113-captcha code>>uncheck>>submit>>not working 
2740Routing Plan Issue 
3040Statistics >> Dashboard: Remove unnecessary ones 
3025Statistics >> Disconnect Causes: Wrong statistical number 
3159The Fraud Detection script should support "ALL " Ingress trunk  
3181Cherry : Invoice pdf is not showing logo correctly on top 
1108Need to Link people to user manual 
1215Origination Billing need to support variable rates 
1271Need to add Block By Group in the Block List 
1396TESTSITE:Admin: Should have notified sentence when test ftp in Configuration > FTP Configuration 
1401TESTSITE:Admin: Check format values all fields in Configuration > Invoice Setting 
1420TESTSITE:Admin: Reset function does not work in Configuration > System Setting 
1442TESTSITE:Admin: Update behavior when edit carrier users in Configuration > User Management 
1567TESTSITE:Admin: Can not import default value in Log > Rate Import Log 
1817Improve export file in Routing >> Block List 
1956daily usage detail report 该报表直接取cdr_report_detail  
1958DID reporting is wrong 
1989Remove Alert pages as it is not working 
1996Modification needed for New Carrier Page 
2372Mail Sender 点击 create new 没有响应 
2700Client Portal:Dashboard  
2706Client Portal : CDR is not opening 
2497Call Simulation Need filter  
2516Dial:emg_master:Invoice:Auto Client invoice: Unverified Invoice is not regenerating 
2541in switch command , "statist" is wrong word 
2638After generating rate , the status showing waiting , in dial master 
2346The rate generation Toll is not showing rates after finishing the generation  
2312Dial:Rate Table: Remove automatic rate update 
3518call simulation >> showing unauthorized IP 
2666Need to add {username} to CDR Download Email 
2718Need more type for release_cause 
2727QoS report needs to fix 
2733Ytel: Carrier Issue 
2737Ytel: ABR to ASR 
2738Ytel: Block List Import >> Example file is wrong 
2856Summary report Fields cant match in dial_master 
1211When Memsql is not there, report would give error 
889PCAP Search 
3536SQL Error  
271366.117.10.166: Auto FTP not working 
3100Cherry Voice: Generated Rates are not getting applied to rate table 
3519BTB-invoice is sent twice for each customer 
3516invoice Overlap Invoice Protection   
3412auto invoice email must only use the link of the web portal not the invoice script IP 
3381fraud detection is not showing / sending email correctly 
2764Correct notification of editing Digital Translation 
2762ATI: Short call charges aren't getting added in invoice 
2512Invoice email issues 
2510Invoice PDF problem 
3560More SQL error in ATI 
3532Vitcom 140: Call failed with "ingress resource disable" 
3588Online PAypal Payment issue  
3205Cherry Rate generation bug 
3554Tandem Transit .35 >> Extra digit getting added in LRN 
2545QoS Show Wrong Data 
2719Need to Clean config.ini 
3283for rate table origination ='t' does not work 
3600113-Finance > Past due summary > Detail > error on page 
3609DID-repository>>upload>>change the id to name 
3232Carrier Invoice History  
3601Copyright checkbox not working 
3110Dial_Master: Pecap  UI Issues 
3594code  create fail 
3593Enable Debug 设置无效 
2560Non working Tool feature to remove 
1971Rate import default End-Date 
3526Inactived Client should not show when assign client for agent user 
3506Auto Alert email sent multiplicity on dial_master 
3612egress trunk upload 
3602Dial_master: Call simulation issue: All ingress are not showing in ingress trunk combobox 
3604Paypal logging 
3649DID repository modification 
3644Xtelarxz >> Egress Trunk >> rate table issue 
3643trunk listing page not showing trunk list 
3642Need sorting on first 5 fields in DID repository 
3640Need to add T38  ( true / false dropdown  ) 
3639Client portal - if no ingress trunk, do not show that menu 
3638Client Portal product Page  -  Add IP button not working 
3636client login dashboard display for no trunk  
3632No Create Rate found should not show the "Export button" 
3628113-ingress list not showing 
3610Need to add Paypal Test Feature  
3603Wrong Header selection for Block List Import 
3598Digit Mapping Detail 
3596code upload  
3575113-send rate again not working 
3234Add Payment 
3229Invoice listing page 


Released on :  

Jira no.Jira TitleDescription
3625failure to submit  
3655routing>>egress>>trunks not getting deleted 
3614BTB Unable to add dynamic routing 
3577ATI DB Bug 
2976Need to fix DB error for ATI 
3656DID Repository 
3648Cloud 9 >> DID Repository 
3545third base-origination>>call simulation>>showing "no routing plan" 
3522BTB-payment made by paypal is not getting updated on client's portal of the customer 
3592manual invoice  
3667teleinx-template not getting saved 
3660Client portal CDR shows incorrect popup selection 
3582The email template saves as new template automatically every time 
3580The template edited failed in send rate page 
2709rate send option not working in dial master 
3681client portal recent rate does not work 
3685Client login portal , message email is not showing correctly 
3691Transaction page is wrong 
3689Client Portal - Send Rate Log button does not show anything 
3688Get error in Client Portal Payment History Page 
3687error messages in the client "Account" page 
3669Version needs to revises 
3631Finance -> Actual Transaction is wrong 
3538Ending balance is displayed wrong  
3716Approve Registration without Template is giving error 
3715Accept a registration is not working 
3714Rate Delivery Email is not required 
3713approve registration scroll bar does not work 
3695ATI-summary report export >>xls file>>missing data in the downloaded file 
3712Auto data fill in registration does not work 
3711Sign up page is incorrect 
3727Unable to Edit Origination Client 
3728Need to support sorting on DID client, vendor, billing plan 
3634FTP-configuration>>FTP jib>>error on Edit ftp page 


Released on:19/6/17

Jira no.Jira TitleDescription
3680Urgent!! Auto disable trunk option issue 
3697dial-notice of trunk change alert not working 
3741The inside balance has issue 
3682finance>>payment>>create new>>showing old carrier those are not in the switch 
3737Client Portal Invoice listing page 
3744Available Balance shows wrong. 
3736client portal's payment list 
3735the navigation for client portal is wrong 
3734Wrong Action Name 
3729Fix Color Issues 
3722client portal CDR - when no CDR is return - display should revise 
3657Need to support Netmask 
3553113-rate send issue 
3772agent portal-cdr page having error 
3778Payment page issue 
3779Cant view all actived carrier in payment page 
3798DID-replace action>>add a save button. 
3809DID-getting T38 reject release cause 
3791netmask need 24 - 32 
3732client portal ingress trunk count is not matching 
3696sql issue appear on dial master 
3811DID-add "enable T38: True/false" drop down in Origination>>client and vendor 
3783agent portal-commission history showing-no data found 
3753Digit Modification in DID Repository has no "Save" icon 
3752DID Repository Create row appear without clicking on "Create New" 
3822error in dial - rate table 
3745there are 3 rules but pagination shows 2 pages 
3674client portal - Remove "Weeks" and "Months"  option  
3757cloud 9-DID repository not getting updated after successful message 
3754can not log in teleinx 
3738Admin- Agent menu 
3819Origination  Vendor can't have duplicate IP 
3853.39 DID repository page issue 
3706in call simulation initially set Time to current date 00:00:00 
3785duplicate box when editing rule 
3824Rate Download page is unclear 
3825Auto Rate Sending page 
3831Ingress Trunk need to add a new tab "Limit" 
3861DID-BILLING RULE>>create new failed 
3787Block List Display Issue 
3857Added payment, but the value didnt add in system 
3852Origination >> Client >> fix the error  
3853.39 DID repository page issue 

Released on:26/06/2017

Jira no.Jira TitleDescription
3805Inactived carrier should not show in Product/Add page 
3827Rate Sending Log is wrong 
3830Template is not showing in rate sending page 
3857Added payment, but the value didnt add in system 
3829Can't send multiple trunk into one email 
3872client portal-account summary-actual balance is not showing the total balance after adding payment 
3871client portal-summary report-trunk name is missing in the exported file 
3860Deleted the payment successfully, but the payment still there in emg master 
3877Can't send rate  
3673Client Portal - Click connect call not showing anything 
3874VoIP Gateway wording change 
3873Header change 
3808egress action export 
3807egress and ingress down 
3704Hide "Auto Rate Import" tab 
3717copy right 
3703Move rate download/sending log to Log main menu 
3664remove unused CDR search fileds 
3652Report show fields change 
3651Remote "Rate Type" search criteria in all Reports under Statistics menu 
3856remove "Success" on all report and CDR hide/show 
3764Rule Email Config page 
3751Remove the unneeded "Advance" on top left 
3747Always show "activated" rules first 
3730remove "Transcoding " option 
3883Product rate sending is missing fields 
3878invoice download button 
3884Regenerate Balance >> not working  
3862show only active trunk in "loop detection" 
3849rate is downloaded alert issue2 
3901Daily CDR Delivery alert has format issue 
3633Pcap search page is not showing right 
3919Cloud 9 calls failing with No profitable egress when there is rate 
3875Report export did not return all selected fields 
3847DID Client >> when deleting client, it is not deleting clients with billing 
3903updated name not showing in the simulation dropdown 
3692change the header of the Balance page 
3922113-API configuration gets vanished after every update on 113 
3897System setting edit failed in dial master 
3633Pcap search page is not showing right 
2507Statistics>>new cdr search>>some fields are not working 
3930Remove GMT dropdown 


Released on 2/7/17

Jira no.Jira TitleDescription
3940Telarz-adding host under egress is not getting added. 
3925Emg master cant open 
3890teleinx issue >> QoS Report 
3952xtelarz-mail sender configuration not working 
3101Rate Upload issue  
3742Payment Notice is not working 
3731DID-call simulation>>release cause>>resource reject alert 
3756ATI >> Calls failing with T:38 reject 
3796BTB >> call drop 
3962Unable to change Rule "Monitory By " dropdown variable 
3801Calls on .113 showing T:38 reject vendor side 
3820teleinx v3 >> call simulation not working 
3915cloud9>>DID calls are failing with "no profitable route" 
3927Client has postpay unlimited but calls failing with No balance 
3931Tools>>Call Simulation trunk 重复 
3896PDD is showing abnormally large number 
3940Telarz-adding host under egress is not getting added. 
3952xtelarz-mail sender configuration not working 
3950Wrong use of db field in Origination 
3949Missing fields in Origination UI >> DID repository from db 
3953Xtelarz-system setting>>unable to edit 
3939nettalk-RTP passing issue in proxy media 
3954teleinx v3-invoice mismatch 
3742Payment Notice is not working 
3978teleinx delete payment 
3985113-rate send>>showing wrong recipient in send rate log. 
3993113-system setting>>advanced>>API configuration>>test button showing wrong status 
3981sample size for ingress_block_ani rule can't be empty 
4004kavkom-dashboard not updatinng..showing all zero 
4056cloud9_new -import not working 
4058Cloud 9 OLD:  DID Repository >> update fail 
4059Cloud Old:  Editing PAyment mode is not working 
4066Emg_master:Monitoring:  Monitor Data by is getting changed while re opening the rule. 
4007Product Assigned to Carriers feature is not working 
3981sample size for ingress_block_ani rule can't be empty 
3982113-rate send issue>>download URL is not working 
3979Unable to save fraud detection rule 
4060Cloud 9 OLD:  DID Repository >> Edit Client name is making Client invisible 
4030static route edit problem 
4013DID-DID repository page showing error 
4038strange box on top right for dynamic route record. 
4034unable to delete dynamic routing 
4062113-base URL is correct still it is sending wrong URL for rate send via link 
3096Digit Translation not working 
3844No "Get Support" option in Admin Options menu 
3843Rename form "Reset" button into "Revert" for more clarity 
3842After clicking on "Help" option in Admin Options - display help for current opened page first 
3841Do not hide Main Toolbar's dropdown lists after click 
4076The About is not needed for Client/Agent/Orig Cient login 
4077Unneeded Report Removal 
4073Regression- Management>Carrier- cant able to create  
4036total qos pdd 
4037qos ingress egress pdd  
3977Fraud detection ingress should increase active ingress only 
3972All trunk selection in rule 
3916cloud9 import 


Released on: 9/7/16

Jira no.Jira TitleDescription
4030static route edit problem 
4074Remove "System Token" 
3863 DID Repository 
3740No Notice of Trunk Change email send after changing some details 
4056cloud9_new -import not working 
4057voipinvite-hung calls are from client G Gold 
4024Opentact Class4 
3988Xtelarz : Invoice tag issue  
3989teleinx v3 >> Dashboard and QoS shows a huge difference for Call, CPS & channel 
3889Teleinx V3 >> Report's PDD issue 
3892teleinx issue >> QOS Report 
3891Teleinx >> QoS report issue 
4061Cloud 9 OLD:  DID Client >> updating client IP but it is routing to old IP 
4059Cloud Old:  Editing PAyment mode is not working 
3858.39 >> Billing rule >> Rate table getting created by DID/month rate 
3845ATI - ASR in client portal is not right 
3835Origination >> DID Repository 
3828Notice of change issue 
3814Monitoring >> Rule  
3758alert rule config for all trunks display issue 
3743media ip blocking - IP Organization is wrong 
3725call simulated error 
3724import log>>upload file>>download option showing "file not found" 
3494Need to test API engine 
3534all usage of cdr_report is must be removed. 
3775Delete payment record, it still showing in inside balancce 
3629Need to change menu framework to load faster 
4093did.intlcx-show host is showing couple of IPs 
4092did.intlcx-edit client not working 
4081The Fields are incomplete after sent rate 
4091Unable to create new ingress trunk in dial 
4114dial-cdr is not showing in the client portal 
4096did.intlcx-did repository>>showing end date 
4072Regression- Switch>Rate table 
4106Regression- Switch> Code deck- Issue in file upload 
4098Origination billing fixed rate issue 
4031regression-Routing>Digital maps> Action functions are having alignment issue 
4109voipinvite-UI slowness, some times it gets timed out. 
4136113-editing IP is showing "Update Client Balance failed"  
4091Unable to create new ingress trunk in dial 
4139113-origination>>edit client>>payment mode>>allowed credit box is missing 
4104agent portal- detail traffic report>>sql error 
4156ATI: Client Portal >> Menu >> Report >> Summary Report 
4157ATI: Management >> Carrier >> Egress 
4159ATI: Please replace tags with new UI tags 
4160ATI-daily CDR configuration path 
4152did-replace action is not working 
4151Unable to edit / remove voipgateway 
4054Date / Time fields not able to select 
4026Regression-Configuration>System setting> Edit failed 
4108teleinx v3-cdr  export not working 
4075Each Client IP can be assigned once 
wp-111change password-no mail coming for change password to the client mail inbox 
wp-110change password-not showing my user in the list 
wp-109email>>showing only "IN" for country field,. 
wp-108order confirmation email template 


Jira no.Jira TitleDescription
4193IPLink: Calls are failing with LRN Dipping Fail issue 
4192Voipinvite actual balance and daily summary balance not matching 
4217113-system setting>>advance>>API configuration>>test button not working 
4208Referral link does not work 
4209registration approval bug 
4132dial_master:Rate send tag issue 
3540Bad SQL 
3579Bad SQL on payment and Invoice 
3770SQL bug 
3887SQL error 
3771Agent related SQL error 
4203Rate Delivery Log 
4206Email Log Unneeded columns 
1987Send rate email got stuck 
4249sql error in regressoin env 
4239Go from Carrier to Create ingress Trunk problem 
4240Display of Products 
4241Product display 
4243After creating ingress trunk 
4210IPlink-calls are failing with "egress trunk not found" 
4270Cloud9: CDR Export not working 
4271Cloud9: Search time is getting changed after search 
4304Error gateway should not be selectable 
4302Bad Unknown message 
4290top left nav consistency issue 
4288download_deadline tag 
4286send to my recipient option  
4284useless "i" button 
4307When editing Channel for origination Client it is not taking update 
4306IPLINK: Deleting Vendor has problem 
4248Margin calculation is wrong.  It should not be 1. 
4222email log>>type showing incorrect 
4249sql error in regressoin env 
4131113-API configuration gets vanished after every update on 113 and rate send url is wrong 
4297teleinx qos 1hour pdd 
4244ATI >> CDR Export is wrong 

Released on : 23/07/2017 

Jira no.Jira TitleDescription
4129Teleinx SQL error must fix - more 
4128Teleinx SQL error must fix 
4281Disable trunk ' is not needed for specify my own recipient." 
4282Send rate problem  
4279no need to select product again 
4278Rate Download page the text is unclear 
4256teleinx v3-remove "support" fuction 
3900Teleinx strange sql 
3888QoS summary 15 min and 1 hour ingress data is not shown correctly 
4311113-cdr export log error 
4332Inactivate a carrier give false notice 
4331Delete Carrier in UI not working 
4324need to remove the "finished" column 
4325extra "ip" text  
4367new user can not see termination in the summary report 
4316 Usage Detail Report export 
4317No Route Report  and No Capacity Report 
4285Need Sent On in the Email Log 
4342After creating ingress trunk 
4346Need to "Remember " header selection 
4337tandem new and Ip link-invoice URL in API configuration is not getting saved 
4310113-rate send issue>>downloaded rate is showing error in file 
4254Need to fix the CDR export with new script 
4192Voipinvite actual balance and daily summary balance not matching 
4389BTB-cdr export issue 
3024Client portal:Reports >> CDRs List: Failed to open 
4187ATI Daily CDR link error 
4291Issue in : Assigning Product in ingress  
4397Voipinvite actual balance and daily summary balance not matching 
4355Teleinx v3-Add "block media IP" under monitoring 
4393113-egress>>create new>>save>>showing bad url 
4333ATI: FTP >>  Daily fields are missing  
4414what to do when import failed. 
3436Added clients successfully but it cant show in dial port  
4359dial-realtime statistics >>inbound/outboud report>>showing wrong directory 
4362dial-realtime statistics >>QoS summary>>button not working 
4439New client is not getting created 
4404Auto end date for Rate table 
4403Extra fields in Rate table  
4400Rate Table group by code name - search does not work 
4399rate table name must be shown 

Released on : 30/7/17

Jira no.Jira TitleDescription
4437BBCOM : FTP fields are missing 
4438Ytel : Dashboard Graph is not working properly  
4380Need "Save Change" button 
4379Rate is downloaded detail popup 
4378Send Rate Log - Detail Action not working  
4377when click on "i" the red box is up 
4376Unable to specify my own recipient 
4374inconsistent popup style 
4373Date conversion in rate import is not working correctly 
4372need back button 
4487BBCOM: FTP UI issue 
4464Issue : Time profile 
4347need to remember hide/show fields 
4341wrong title in "delete rate table" popup 
4330Need to take into consideration end_date when importing DID 
4323invoice auto 
4517113-ingress>>add routing and tech prefix>>unable to edit 
4512SQL error in 113 
4105auto invoice not created for last weeks 
4427No dropdown selection under the trunk name in Dynamic Routing 
4394Send duplicate codes and miss some 19xxxx codes in product 
4369The template is not  complete in product 
4489113-enable Debug>>submit>>switch is stuck 
4520teleinx v3- payment record>>export is downloading blank file 
4434Payment Received Alert   
4515DID Issue : 6 
2475Need to use Peter's API for reporting 
2278Need to try integrating the report with in-memory API 
3578Need to eliminate query to client_cdr table  
4050gocode sql error 
4272113 : Call Simulation >> Calls failing with Balance use up while client is with unlimited credit 
4408auto show alert when the api is not connecting 
4492rate  的 create new 和 submit 
4433daily balance summery 
4430daily summery 
4424low balance  
4417import url 配置 
4511113-Rate is downloaded notification tag issue 
4456files not upload 
4465while sending the rate as link , there is no option showing up to block 
4455ISSUE for 
4470192.99.10.113> Code deck> Export 
4315Profitability Analysis export 
4500Dial master- Tools> Rate generation result 
4483Dial master- Client portal>Management>Trunk>Rate deck 
4481Dial master- Agent portal>Statistics>CDR>Ingress 
4479Dial master 
4527192.99.10.113- Routing> Static 
4531192.99.10.113- Email.log 
4533158.69.204.96- ssh 
4552113- Tools> Auto import rules 
4479Dial master -dashboard issue 
4481Dial master- Agent portal>Statistics>CDR>Ingress 
4483Dial master- Client portal>Management>Trunk>Rate deck 
4484Dial master- Client portal>Management>Trunk>Product>Download rate 
4500Dial master- Tools> Rate generation result 
4562DID-edit client>>select null in DID repository>>then save>>showing successful message but there is no change
4218Regression- Switch> Time profile> alignment issue 
4219Regression- Configuration> system settings> system settings> inactivity timeout 
4485Dial master- Statistics> Dashboard> Charts 
4326Regression- Rate table> US JD 
4338Regression- Switch> US jurisdiction 
4343144.217.15.3- Configuration> FTP job 
4467Issue in : DID repository 
4534BBCOM: CDR is not getting export 
4486Dial master- Statistics>Dashboard>Auto delivery 
4408auto show alert when the api is not connecting 

Released on : 6/08/2017

Jira no.Jira TitleDescription
4569did>>vendor>>create new>>showing pop up>>client already in use 
4216Regression- Switch> Import/Export 
4215regression- Switch> Currency> Remove currency 
4195Regression- Register 
4188Regression- Client portal>CDR>Ingress 
4186Regression- Client portal> Management>Trunk>Product 
4185Regression- Statistics>Dashboard>Charts 
4177Regression> Log> Modification log 
4176Regression- Log>Ip modify 
4538Issue : Call simulation 
4444Time picker end time bug 
4525192.99.10.113- Routing> Trunks> Egress 
4503158.69.204.96- Failure in sending welcome letter 
4420Agent portal CDR is not getting downloaded. 
4570158.69.204.96- Routing> Dynamic route> Create new 
4571172.31.1.100- Tools> Calls simulation 
4471Agent login totally wrong 
4477Dial master> Client Portal>Menu>Termination product 
4360Script regression- Code deck> Export 
4581Dial dashborad is showing blank 
4382Need Assign Product to Member 
4383strange trunk name in bottom 
4385Rate is Received Link is not being sent 
4387Client portal login CDR not working 
4445On the rate Import log the Uploaded file is getting blank File 
4487BBCOM: FTP UI issue 
4509BBCOM-email is not getting sent for the carriers. 
4386Unable to add route to Dynamic Routing 
4201Issue with creating Manual invoice 
4590113-rate send-CC email not working 
3855The invoice page is not complete in dial master 
3964Next Run Time is not populated  
4353thirdbase-import is not working 
4190Alert sending emails with attachement 
4406Role's Module selection 
4435Auto Rate Import Config UI need to fix 
4482Dial master- Agent portal>Statistics> CDR> Ingress 
4572Remove Low balance notification from Template >> Carrier template 
4573Failover rule in Egress Trunk template needs to be modified 
4574Need to change replace action in egress trunk template 
4575Need to change fail over rule under Ingress trunk template 
4576Need to change Replace action under Ingress trunk template Switch> Rate table 
4604BBCOM client CDR export not working 
4603teleinx cdr export issue 
4610Dial master- Monitoring> Traffic alert 
4606158.69.204.96-  Tools> Rate generation 
4591Issue in Rate Table 
3823rate sending email domain config 
3894SQL slowness on carrier page 
4472Agent portal CDR export is not working 
4513DID Issue : 4 
4555Tandem Transit .135 >> no report for previous days:  
4557DID Repository >> Add Action 
4561DID End Date 
4178Regression- Statistics>CDR list> CDR export log 
4299CDR export  
4454PCAP UI issues in dial, BBCOM and master 
4518Issue  : Invoice 
3559 Balance value format issue from alert email 
3848Rate is Downloaded Notification alert has issue on tags 
4501Issue  : import analysis 
4519Issue  : invoice notification log 
4659Only show the corresponding trunk and expoand the box when send rate 
4364Ip link-cdr export is not working 
4618113-template>>egress trunk template>>add a "hand symbol" 
4640CDR field error - Egress Media Port 
4349Need DID Report 
4670ATI - MAnual Payment Email issue 
4673Issue in Rate Delivery Log 
4674Issue in Configuration> Users 
4671sql error in emg DB 
4669finance  Regenerate Balance 
4668client 的  Regenerate Balance 
4667Disconnect Cause report error in 113 
4664media IP spam 
4650158.69.204.96- Daily postgreslog checking 
4649dial is giving thousands of errors in sql  
4646IP block pages need fixing 
4620Need to add Swtich Config 
4607158.69.204.96- Tools> Rate generation 
4584ATI >> Configuration >> Payment Setting is not getting save 
4446invoice pdf  
4436Need Modification in DID Report 
4366Need to make DID report under Statistics using Peter API 
4335ATI: FTP Data is wrong  
4163Slow rate SQL needs to optimize 
4686Monitoring Rule Option  
4661Rate import issue 
4662Issue in Creating Rate Table 
4654158.69.204.96- Configuration> Mail template> Payment received 
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