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In this section we will see how to make test calls with Zoiper,

First we have to configure Zoiper, so we will see how to set SIP configuration on the system and then on Zoiper

Go to Routing → Trunks → Ingress

Screenshot: Ingress Trunk

Click on the Ingress Name of the Trunk or Edit icon to open the Trunk, Sample shown below.

Screenshot: Ingress Trunk

As shown above the Ingress Trunk window marked in Red is mainly for setting up configuration for SIP Registration,

On Authorized Field, you have to select Authorized by SIP Registration, Below a form will appear to Add SIP User,

You have to enter USERNAME & PASSWORD, You can see in the above window as we have added data in that section.

If you have used this details in SIP Phone and if it got connected it will be shown here as REGISTERED - YES or NO

Just enter the Username & Password & Click on SUBMIT button to SAVE.

To Configure SIP Phone we need basic information like USERNAME, PASSWORD & IP Address.

As you have set Username & Password, you will use this and now we will see from where you will get the IP Address.

Click on the Window's Right Corner Administration section as shown in below window red marked.

Screenshot: Administration Section

On the Administration section, click on VOIP GATEWAY. From this window VOIP Gateway will appear which is used to Create, Edit & Manage VOIP Gateways.

Screenshot: VOIP Gateway

VOIP Gateway displays the switch Information. On the above displayed screen, marked on Action column in red box, that icon is SIP Profile which is used to set SIP Profiles.

click on the SIP Profile icon, below displayed section will appear.

Screenshot: SIP Profile

On this section, SIP Profile displays the SIP IP Address, SIP Port & SIP Header Manipulation.

You can use this SIP IP & SIP Port to configure the SIP Phone. You can also Add, Edit & Delete SIP Profiles from here.

Make sure that Require Authentication is YES to configure SIP Phone.

So now we got all the required information to configure SIP Phone.

Now we will open the Zoiper and see how to configure Zoiper,

Zoiper will get opened.

Screenshot: Zoiper

Click on Settings → Preference

Screenshot: Zoiper Preference

I have used the details which i got from the Ingress Trunk which i had set & from SIP Profile. Now we will see our SIP Phone status whether it is connected or not.

Screenshot: Zoiper SIP Phone

As you can see our SIP Phone is ready to make calls. Showing status as ONLINE.

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